Getting time zones right when setting up PostgreSQL monthly partitioning

I’m currently working on an event queue + log for account/device events. For the event queue I’m using redis’ pub/sub commands. But for persistence, I want to use PostgreSQL (since SQL offers more query options). Now since it’s pretty much log data (i.e. time based, it’s append only, old data will be purged), I’ll be partitioning the log data into monthly tables. There are tons of examples on the internet on how to do that in PostgreSQL (for example this one on the official PostgreSQL wiki), but pretty much all of them use local time (timestamp without time zone, or timestamp for short), which causes trouble if you have clients using different time zones. Read more →

How it all started

Hi, I’m Manuel from Since this is the first blog post, I thought it would be fitting to talk a little about what got the project started in the first place. The ‘work’ reason We manage a couple hundred Linux PCs and servers that mostly run on premise at our customers. They’re all connected to a VPN server (OpenVPN, which uses UDP port 1194 by default) for software upgrades and the like. Read more →